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Have you ever sat around with your friends and brainstormed about some crazy idea? Ever got to talking and thought, “Hey, that would make a great short story or movie or RPG game or painting or ....”? Ever overheard others do that and thought, “They really missed the boat! If it were me I'd do it like ...”? If so, this is your podcast. Every episode the group pulls a topic at random and, unscripted, collaborates on how they would use that topic in a wide variety of genres - All from the “comfort” of their podcasting cell in the basement of the D&G Corporate Headquarters. Their goal is to spark your creative juices for what ever project you are working on. They are sweet, and irreverent, and crude, but they mean well. So sit back, be prepared to be confused, and enjoy the tea…but I wouldn’t sign anything if I were you.

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Thank you for listening and we hope you find inspiration everywhere.